Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mariah Wheeler "Owl" 10-31-12

Mariah Wheeler
Fine Silver, Quartz Crystal with Aqua Aura and Cubic Zircona

          This Owl is one of the Endangered Species collection I once thought would entice me to make many more images of such species.  Through the years I've made a few pieces, but never have made enough for a real collection.  Owl is a very dramatic piece with piercing eyes as if she knows her species of owl is endangered and wants you to do something about it.  She hangs from what was once a maple twig and upon a piece of pine bark, both of which have been turned into 99% pure silver through the magic of the kiln and Precious Metal Clay.  Adding to the magic of the piece is the Aqua Aura Quartz crystal which is an ordinary quartz crystal with a space-age process of adding of titanium, gold and selenium to its molecular structure.  It shines with an other-worldly rainbow oil-slick glow.                 ~ Mariah Wheeler

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brooksie Edwards - "Individual Fortune Box" 10-30-12

"Individual Fortune Box"
Brooksie Edwards
matchbox & mixed media

          What better time of year to get or give one of these sweet inspirational, mysterious and fun fortune boxes.  Be surprised by the creative collages outside and the wisdom inside.  Fits in pocket, lunchbox or purse.  There is also a bigger version with about a dozen box choices, each with a different message inside.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

On a Monday 10-29-12

I accidentally wrote Om a Monday and I think that typo has wisdom in it. Another scurrying day in the fun of coming fashion show............Just sat down for first time in four hours so shuga and I are ready to OM.........

Really, this is going to be a one-of-a-kind special event. Where else would you see such original combinations of jewelers and  fabric artists of all kinds. And of course, the apparel from New Horizons is stunningly creative, shown off by JJ necklaces, bracelets, hats, bags, earrings--- ooh la la!

We have sixteen models! And we've done our best to feature as many artists as possible so each model may be wearing as many as six designers! For example, Jordan Perlow is wearing Pat Smith, Nestor Pineda, Rachel Tingler, Marty Broda, Sharon Blessum. OtherJoyful Jewel artists being featured are Jody Jameson, Donna Cassidy, Lena Cox, Carol Esch, Judy Tysman, Roxanne Hollander, Janine Maves, Rachel Bass, Mariah Wheeler, Julie Purcell, Lyn Sims, DG Chandler, Andrea Batsche, Monnda Welch, Roberta Krasik, Amy Durso, Kathryn Bertok, Carol Scrove, Anita Blalock, Lisa Garber, Lynell Dodge, Erin Dail, Brooksie Edwards, and Janet Place. Any one not featured simply means that the synergy of pieces for an outfit just didn't come together in a way that worked for that particular artist. No judgement implied! Many artists will have spiffed up displays, new creations, and be available.

Hope to see you, your family and friends!

Om a Monday,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Siglinda Scarpa "Cat Mug" 10-28-12

"Cat Mug"
Siglinda Scarpa

          If you can, go out to the Goathouse Cat Refuge today and adopt a black cat.  While in my mind they are the most beautiful, sleek, wonderfully mysterious and otherwise just like any other cat, black cats are the last to be adopted.  If a new cat is not in your plans just now, how about purchasing one of these fabulous cat mugs by Siglinda Scarpa, the owner of the Goathouse Refuge, who is also a well-respected local potter.  Not surprisingly, it seems that cats are a major subject for our miss Siglinda.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jerry Fowler "Goblins" 10-27-12

Jerry Fowler
Ceramic, ~ 2"
$3 each

      Those of us who know Jerry are not surprised by the humor and fun he has with his pottery!  These festive goblins join Jerry's Cosmic Pigs and Cosmic Chickens to bring laughter and joy.  I included a few of my (Mariah Wheeler) own orange & black pendants in a Halloween display.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Marty Broda "Zoom Broom" 10-26-12

“Zoom Broom”
Marty Broda
Fiber, Leather, Mixed Media ~ 31" x 11"

         In keeping with Marty's other Gaia Spirit Sticks, this one, her first Zoom Broom, has been assembled with conscious care.  Each component is meaningful to the brandisher!  Get aboard and let's go!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bonnie Franklin "Chocolate Soap" 10-25-12

"Dark Chocolate Soap"
Bonnie Franklin
Glycerin & Natural Oils Soap

          These soaps just in!  This one is Dark Chocolate -- not for eating -- for bathing.  This gentle vegan soap has 100% dark chololate with natural moisture-preserving properties.  Bonnie says, "Chocolate is a natural mood elevator, making bathing a deliciously rich and moisturizing event."   This soap out of it's package looks a lot like a chocolate bar and you can break off a square to use each day.  I have tried this soap myself and love the creamy texture, the sumptuous suds, and of course the divine smell of chocolate.

          Bonnie's Bare & Bare line includes soaps for every skin type:  extra moisturizers for dry skin, exfoliating soap with activated charcoal to purify the skin drawing out impurities and heavy metals from deep within the skin's pores and an aid for acne-prone skin + luxury soap.  There are small samples in brightly colored papers and even a boxed set which includes favor-size soaps for weddings or other occasions. Bonnie can make up boxes to order with enough soaps for your event.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kate Ladd "Blue Witch" 10-24-12

“Blue Witch”
Kate Ladd
Acrylic on wood
         When I asked her how she came to paint witches (there is another two witch paintings of Kate's at the Joyful Jewel as well), Kate said she just had a witchy week.  "Perhaps the Blue Witch is me," she said.  I don't think it looks at all like sweet-faced Kate, but perhaps Blue Witch has some of Kate's wry and mischievous humor!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm wearing this new jacket, designed by Roxanne Hollander, which I bought at the Joyful Jewel. She is sitting here right now with me, working on her fashions for the Fashion Show so I thought I'd show you a sample of her work. It's a busy day here working on the details for Nov 3. Stay tuned!!!

Roxanne writes, My work intends to inspire the wearer's sense of their authentic self. The idea of recycling repurposed textiles into garments is not really unique. Through wearing fine quality clothing recreated  with a touch of couture added to each piece, supports the wearer to embody her consciousness.

On a Monday,
sharon Hollander

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gerald Dukes - Family Portraits 10-21-12

“Family Portraits”
Gerald DukesPhotograpy, Size & Prices Vary
    When my son and his family came to North Carolina last year, we had Gerald Dukes take our portraits in his studio at the Joyful Jewel.  He really captured the personality and tenderness of my loved ones, just as he did in the family above.  As you can see, Gerald will come to the place of your choosing, inside or outside, to take the portraits.  Can you imagine getting such great pictures of a family of this size with young children?  Even getting them all to sit still is a true art -- one that Gerald excels at!  With humor and utmost patience, Gerald is able to coax the chemistry needed to bring out even the shyest of subjects.  In the end Gerald only charges you for the pictures you choose to purchase, though I suspect you'll want almost every one.  We certainly did.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lyn Sims Girl's Jumper 10-20-12

 “Girl's Jumper”
Lyn Sims
Bamboo, Wool & Silk Fibers, Knitted
             Lyn has done it again!  She's made THE cutest little dress with perfect little details for a precious toddler.  There's also a baby hat here at the Joyful Jewel that Lyn made to look like a cupcake with a cherry on the top.  It's clear that she has grand daughters on her mind, and I know she recently returned from visiting at least one of them out west. ;)

          Lyn will be the featured artist for November.  Her show, "Comfort & Joy" features fiber as art and architecture.  At the reception, November 3, 6 - 8pm, Lyn will speak about these topics and her creative life.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beth Shaffer "Bird House" 10-18-12

 “Bird House”
Beth Shaffer
~ 9" x 8", Utensils & Mixed Media!
          Beth Shaffer makes fun wherever she goes, I'm sure of it!  I'd love to follow her around as she collects utensils for her very popular wind chimes and now also bird houses and even a twirling sculpture.  This whimsical bird house reminds me of a fish sticking it's tongue out.  I know fish don't have tongues, but if they did . . . . Beth would be right there capturing one in metal.  There is plenty of room for a whole brood of Carolina Wren chicks in this waterproof house.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steve Clarke "Dream Fly Dance Poster" 10-17-12

  “Dream Fly Dance Poster”
Steve Clarke
Photograph on Poster Board, 17" x 11"
      Steve specializes in taking wonderfully intimate and inspiring photographs of ballet dancers.  This one shows just how limber and free a person can be!  To me she represents the best the humans have to offer, hard work and developed talent personified.  Most of his photographs are beautifully framed using archival papers and museum-quality glass.  This poster is sized for generic framing or for simply taping to the wall.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Donna Cassidy "Pot Melt Window" 10-16-12

Donna Cassidy "Pot Melt Window"
Stained Glass + Fused Glass
13 1/2" x 15", hung from attached chain 
The center of this window contains a “ pot melt”. This is a piece of glass that is created when a flowerpot full of glass is melted in the kiln. The flower pot is elevated above the floor of the kiln , the glass is placed inside, and as the kiln heats up , molten glass runs out the hole in the bottom of the flowerpot and swirls onto the kiln shelf , creating random designs. After this glass is annealed , I use it in a stained glass window as the centerpiece.             ~ Donna Cassidy

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Monday, October 15, 2012

On a Monday 10-15-12

Chaos reigned supreme today! We're getting ready for the Fashion Show! Models came in and out as we outfitted everyone in their apparel, matched clothing, jewelry, hats, scarves, purses, and even a rune! No stone was unturned in our heart's desire for everyone to shine and as many artists as possible have their creations featured. Just think, since we have so many artists, we'll probably have to have a second one so all our styles can have their day!

Fancy Bits, a first ever dress made of vintage materials was matched with a clutch bag made of recycled fabric. A cute, cute teenage girl is modeling stuff tobuy for a guy. A fabulous black creation with vintage buttons shown with glistening jewelry, is all ready for New Years' Eve. Silk scarves and purses worn with feathery earrings, long beads and glass bracelet.........really, how beautiful each woman looked!

I didn't get another thing done today, and found my head spinning with all the impromptu changes, but Vangi, who has managed many fashion shows, took it all with aplomb and somehow kept track of all the details. She will have great repartee for you while the models walk the runway.

Next, New Horizons will be choosing their apparel and we will add accessories.

Hope you're doing nothing else from 7-8 on Nov 3 cuz you won't want to miss the first ever Joyful Horizons Fashion Show. See you then.

 On a Monday,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DG Chandler Turquoise & Silver Bracelet 10-14-12

“Turquoise & Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet”
DG Chandler
Turquoise & Sterling Silver Bracelet, Fabricated
         DG Chandler's pieces are each one unique.  He even hand carves his stamping tools.  Gemstones are carefully chosen and a piece is designed to showcase their beauty.  This photograph really shows the detail that DG puts into his work.  This cuff bracelet has some hand carving as well as stamping.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vangi Cathcart "Butterflies" 10-13-12

Vangi Cathcart
Colored Pencil, 9" x 12", framed
$75 each
These beautiful butterflies look like they could fly off the painting into your garden or home.  Gorgeous!  These two paintings are done in a different technique and media than Vangi's usual Sumi-e.  Each has many layers of colored pencil to build up the color to a brilliant hue.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lena Bengston "Golden Retriever" 10-12-12

 “Golden Retriever”
Lena Bengston
Silhouette of Cut Paper in Plastic Globe, ~3" diameter

          Lena has over 30 years experience as a silhouette artist and loves to do pets as well as people.  She has 170 original designs of AKC breeds that could be mounted in the globe for a lasting ornament.  There are gold sprinkles inside and the ornaments are tied with gold ribbon.  This one is, of course, popular as Golden Retrievers are one of American's favorite dogs!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beth Bale "Sunkissed" 10-11-12

Beth Bale
Watercolor on Board, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", framed
     A perfect little piece of original art!  Beth has captured a precious moment in the sun.  Can't you just imagine riding fast and free through the field with this horse on a bright and sunny day!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Orlan Johnson "Harry Potter Wands" 10-10-12

   “Harry Potter Wands”
Orlan Johnson
Wood, ~ 1 1/2" x 12"
$15 each

         Here's a wonderful example of humor and fun + magic in art!  Orlan has made these beautiful wands of turned wood, highly polished and stained, some with gemstones in their heads.  He made a wonderful rack to display them on.  Wands are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the Harry Potter series -- or who is practicing to be a wizard!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pat Smith "Autumn Decorated Box" 10-9-12

“Autumn Decorated Box
Pat Smith
Mixed Media with Lights, ~ 18" x 22"
      New artist Pat Smith, makes spectacular boxes for decorating the season or holiday.  This one, a cornucopia of flowers, fruit and vegetables is in all the warm Fall colors.  Twinkling throughout are small white lights.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

once upon a time  
Little Girl
came into the Joyful Jewel
to find a friend
just her size

their eyes locked
from forever

they toddled to
the tantalizing beads
of Marty Broda

Little Girl and Shuga
inspected bracelets

She asked Little Doggie
to choose one she'd like to wear
not even disappointed
when Shuga didn't know
how to put it on.

Life is beautiful,
on a Monday,


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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ruth Moose "The Librarian" 10-7-12

“The Librarian”
Ruth Moose
Book, 87 pages
      Ruth Moose has taught creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill since 1996.  She has two books of short stories as well as five other poetry collections.  Of "The Librarian" it has been said "If this collection does nothing else, it will forever erase our stereotype of a librarian(prim spinster always with finger to lips shushing all sound from her immaculate, silent headquarters.)  This librarian is fully woman, fully alive, and not only tolerating the words of other, but speaking out herself with verve and courage, - Sally Buckner, from the book cover.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barbara Thompson "Candle Holder" 10-6-12

 “Candle Holder”
Barbara Thompson
Assemble Sculpture, glass- 4" x 8 1/2"
I am a recycler by nature and I've always loved glass.  Making these glass sculptures is satisfying on many levels.  This candle holder can be garden art, but weather will eventually cause it to lose some luster.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Jerry Fowler "Cosmic Chicken Bud Vase" 10-5-12

 “Cosmic Chicken Bud Vase”
Jerry Fowler
Ceramic, 7" x 5 1/2" + flowers
      Created by the very aptly named potter Jerry Fowler, this is a new Cosmic Chicken for your collection.  She is meant to hold buds in the holes in her back and is showing you how to arrange them by sporting some pretty plastic posies (which come with her).  She would love to join your other Cosmic Chickens or Sonic Chickens as the prettiest member of the family!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

John Makowski "Bali Om" 10-4-12

“Bali Om III”
John Makowski
Ceramic on Board, 12" x 12" framed

          John said he had been familiar with the "Om" meditation symbol that looks like a bit like the number three with a tail, but found out that there are actually 90+ symbols for Om used in different countries and sects.  He loved this one because he said it reminds him of a man in hat dancing.  He had spent time in Bali and this is the image that fits his memory of the place! 
          For this piece, and most of his other pieces, John used a technique of using dry glaze on wet clay which he developed himself through trial and error.  He mixes his own glazes and so the colors are unique to him as well as the technique.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nancy Smith "Ninja Chicken" 10-3-12

  “Ninja Chicken”
Nancy L. Smith
Acrylic on Gesso Board, 12" x 12"
This is just one of the of the "Dozen Egger" series that makes up Nancy Smith's Featured Showing at the Joyful Jewel this month.  Nancy first painted a chicken for a class on focus-style painting.  She had ready models from her own backyard chickens, and soon felt the need to paint more, this time focusing on the heads.  Next she wanted to focus on feet and painted four more.  I suspect it was that each of her chickens wanted to be the favorite model and Nancy couldn't help but oblige each one.

These are colorful paintings chock full of personality and charm.  I love the titles, especially this one which matches the expression and stance so perfectly!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Emma Skurnick "Wiley" 10-2-12

Emma Skurnick
Acrylic on Calico Cloth
26" x 26"
$500, Original Painting

Emma painted "Wiley" directly on calico cloth.  She explained that she was playing with the concept of domesticated vs. wild.  Goats, remaining wild even in domestication, span the bridge that divides these dynamics.  Calico, with it's homespun country feel, represents domestic.  In this large original painting Wiley practically comes out of the scene.  You smile and share the goat's delight as well as being able to clearly see the sweet print on the calico.  Of course there is nothing quite like an Emma Skurnick original painting whether on cloth or canvas, but she has also made prints for those of us not yet ready to own an original.

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