Monday, December 31, 2012

Beth Bale "The Cows" 12-31-12

"The Cows"
Beth Bale
Watercolor on Clayboard, 16" x 20" framed

          Beth Bale certainly has a way with capturing animals on canvas.  Not only the spirit of the cows but also for the place they graze and the sky above which are depicted in pastoral detail and an interesting, pleasing mix of colors.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shannon Bueker "Polar Bear Two" 12-30-12

"Polar Bear II"
Shannon Bueker
acrylic on canvas, 12" square

          I don't know about you, but I'd like to get in the same position as this peaceful sleepy bear.  Isn't it time to hibernate?  Shannon Bueker often uses unusual colors in her animal paintings, capturing emotion or movement seemingly coming from inside the animal rather than just as you would ordinarily see on the surface.  This polar bear is actually white! -- well, white upon first look, but truly full of subtle variations and grays, browns, blues, mauves, etc.  I love how the light shines on his head as if bringing sweet dreams.  There is another painting of the same size, of another (or the same) polar bear standing.  It would certainly look great on the same wall!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sarah McTeer Ogburn "Wanderlust Traveler" 12-29-12

"Wanderlust Traveler"
Sarah McTeer Ogburn
Watercolor, Ink, Mica, Acrylic Edge on Fine' Fabric
18" x 24", $225

          Often Sarah McTeer Ogburn's paintings feature the moon.  This one has a prominent brilliant moon, a contemplative woman and several Indonesian fertility birds.  Do you see the baby bird in her hand.  Perhaps this is the result of the woman's fertile wanderings.  I think that all is mystery and fantasy in Sarah's eyes.  She draws us in and invites us to be a part of the painting's adventure.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Erin Dail "Crochet Sterling Silver & Coral Necklace" 12-28-12

Crochet Sterling Wire Necklace & Earrings with Coral
Erin Dail
Sterling Silver Wire, Coral gemstones
Necklace $69, Earrings $28

          Erin Dail does something amazing -- she crochets with Sterling Silver wire - using an actual crochet hook!  Her designs are unique and have a playful quality about them.  This set of various sizes of coral beads is especially festive.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Orlan Johnson "Handled Cutting Board" 12-27-12

"Handled Cutting Board"
Orlan Johnson
Variety of woods, ~ 8 1/2" x 13" + 3" handle

          Orlan Johnson's cutting boards are so popular that you may have one but did you know that they come in a variety of sizes.  You could have one for bread, another for cheese, one for vegetables and still another for cutting meat thus using a different cutting board for each component of your meal.  This one has a handle so it's especially easy to grab while you have bread or cheese in one hand and only one had available to bring the board to the counter.  Be careful with that knife!  And . . . you can get a matching wine stopper to bring to the New Year's party!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

When Santa's Reindeer Broke Down 12-23-12

    To Artists and Patrons of the Joyful Jewel we send warm wishes for these holidays and for the new year to come.  DG & I (also Jerry, Kate, Sharon and Suga) are so grateful for all that you have brought to the life and spirit of this place.  For your dedication to creating beauty, meaning and depth for our lives.  For valuing these things.  For your loving patronage and encouraging smiles. For sharing yourselves, friends and families with us and helping to create the Joyful Jewel Community.

 Looking forward to times with each of you in 2013!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel "Mask" 12-22-12

HP Pelzel and Sandra Boyd Pelzel
Clay & Mixed Media, ~ 8" x 12"

          Frightfully exotic!  That's what I think of this fabulous clay and mixed media mask by the Pelzels.  What a creative design.  You might expect this to be from a foreign country, yet it was made right here in our area of North Carolina.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

DG Chandler "Opal Necklace" 12-21-12

Opal & Silver Necklace
DG Chandler
Fabricated of Sterling Silver with Australian Black Opal
           DG Chandler hand fabricated this Sterling Silver necklace featuring a brilliant blue opal.  You can easily see the care he takes in his saw cuts, and the delight he takes in "adorning" the opal.  DG  hand carves his own stamping tools so the impressions are always unique to him.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Donna Cassidy Scarf & Hat 12-20-12

Sumptuous Scarf & Hat
Donna Cassidy
Mixed Fiber with Appliques
Scarf $45, Hat $35

          Mixed fibers on this hat and scarf crocheted by Donna Cassidy include acrylic, nylon, wool, silk and rayon.  The feel is exceptionally plush and soft and the style warm and fuzzy.  After crocheting the pieces, Donna created the leaves and stems sewing them directly onto the hat and scarf.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mariah Wheeler "Turquoise Dream" necklace 12-19-12

"Turquoise Dream" necklace
Mariah Wheeler
Dichroic Fused Glass with Turquoise, Howlite & glass beads

          Mariah Wheeler had fun with this piece, splashing the rectangle glass with small dichroic glass chunks & splintered shapes before putting it into the kiln to be fused.  These pieces need a hot oven - ~ 1500 degrees, and the heat must be gradually increased, held for a period of time, then gradually decreased, to keep the glass from fracturing.  The result is a fused whole that is stronger and more durable than you might expect glass to be. Mariah likes to "decorate" the centerpiece with different shapes of beads that pick up the various colors in the centerpiece.  This one is various shades of blue and mauve.  Completing the design is a fancy sterling silver clasp.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Forrest Greenslade "Life Unfolding Forest" 12-18-12

"Life Unfolding Forest"
Forrest Greenslade
Mixed Media, 12 x 16

          This luscious painting by Forrest Greenslade is made in a very unusual way.  Forrest built a design on the canvas in plastic cement, then covered the piece in metal flake.  The brilliant blues & greens & bronze colors in the "painting" in this case are not "paint" but patinas grown from the metal flake.  It seems that this unfolding forest itself actually grew from the canvas rather than being placed on top of it!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

On a Monday 12-17-12

Today and any day I've worked in recent weeks, a steady stream of customers come into the Jewel. Sometimes the store is 'full', other times 2 or 3, one memorable moment, a little family of 4 with their list. People linger longer than usual, have unfailing patience, glow in the time they have set aside for Christmas shopping in a place with so much beauty and original treasures. It is a true opposite to what must be going on in malls everywhere.

One 'favorite' customer of mine, Angelina Hayes, came in a few years ago. We met soul to soul in my beads here and she became a regular patron of my bracelets and blessing beads. She died a few weeks ago.
Too young and too lovely. Her radiance lives on in many who loved her.

I've started making elegant necklaces, an Angelina Series. A portion of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. It's hard to get good pictures of them but I am posting a few today not only to honor beloved Angelina but all our customers who come in for reasons of the soul.I am most grateful to Mariah for the joy and connection I experience here at the Joyful Jewel.

Every blessing to you on a Monday,
and every day.
Especially in this Season. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kate Ladd "Oldest House in Pittsboro"

"Oldest House in Pittsboro"
Kate Ladd
Acrylic, 16" x 20"

          People seem to love a "soulful" depiction of an old house.  Kate Ladd certainly captured the spirit of this house, which is still standing nearby.  Perhaps the owner will recognize this and see something new revealed in the paint.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jody Jameson "Sushi Siesta" bracelet 12-14-12

"Sushi Siesta" bracelet
Jody Jameson
Sterling Silver, Glass, Other
          One of the Joyful Jewel's most creative bead artists, Jody Jameson seems to love to surprise you!  This bracelet, for a sushi lover, is mostly made from very small seed beads sewn together.  The piece is very dimensional with three of the sushi pieces laying upon a bed of white bead rice.  Do you recognize the elements?

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Shannon Wall "Pine Needle Covered Basket" 12-14-12

Covered Pine Needle Basket with Shells
Shannon Wall
Longleaf Pine Needles, Artificial Sinew, Walnut Slice, Emerald Isle Shells
~ 8" diameter, 3" deep

          I'm wondering if Shannon took all of her 12 rescued dogs with her to the beach as she collected these shells.  Hopefully, she actually had a short break at the beach on her own and someone else offered to watch the dogs.  Profits from Shannon's creative pine needle work goes to support the rescue efforts.  I'm told the rescues include more than dogs, such as pot bellied pigs.  The artistry which Shannon shows in her baskets and ornaments reveal a true talent, and unique way of seeing the expanded beauty of her materials.  I have a feeling that Shannon uses the same type of talent to see the beauty in the face and manner of each dog she saves. 


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Angie Williams - Tropical Fish Plate 12-13-12

“Tropical Fish Plate”
Angie Williams
$42 - SOLD
This is a stoneware hand built plate - using carving techniques and embellishing the features with brushes to make it look more dimensional.  I chose particular colors that you would see on tropical fish within the Caribbean. As this plate is stoneware it is food and microwavable safe but can be used as decorative as well as with all Mizpah Pottery pieces. 
~ Angie Williams

Update:  perhaps Angie will be making many more of these now that she will be opening her own gallery -- in Beaufort, NC in January!  Congratulations, Angie!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vangi Cathcart "Butterflies" 12-12-12

 Butterflies in Colored Pencil
Vangi Cathcart
15" x 12" framed, $75

          In a departure from her usual sumi-e watercolor paintings, Vangi focused her budding colored pencil skills on these colorful butterflies.  They are full of warmth and joy to help us remember the summer lushness.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beth Bale "Two Giraffes" 12-11-12

 "Two Giraffes"
Beth Bale
Watercolor on Yupo, 16" x 20" framed

          When Beth brought in this new painting, I asked it if was painted from the trip she made to the North Carolina Zoo a week earlier.  She said it was!  Beth described how the male giraffe was pursuing, wooing, the female.  He kept following her around and nudging her neck.  It seemed that she either had something else on her mind or was playing hard to get.  This painting is so vibrant and full of life, seemingly a perfect cross between the jump-off-the-page realistic painting that Beth does and her more impressionistic playful work.            ~Mariah Wheeler

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bob Gunn "Honey I'll Mow Tomorrow"

 "Honey I'll Mow the Lawn Tomorrow"
Bob Gun
Photography, Magnet

          We all have a sense of humor -- but I think Bob Gunn has more than the rest of us combined!  He often uses humor in his work.  I have met this dog and another that I see Bob walking in Carrboro.  Bob spends a lot of time outside and has wonderful nature photos such as birds of prey, butterflies and water lily ponds.  Many of the photographs he has put on magnets or cards with his witty sayings.         ~ Mariah

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lett, Gaskin & Lineberry books

 A Trio of Local Interest Books:
Coming Home . . . by AlexSandra Lett;  Until Proven . . . by Nora Gaskin; Daddy Meets Aunt Bee in Siler City . . . by Connie Lineberry
$10 - $15.95

          Just a small sample of the books we have by local authors, some well known, some sharing their first book!  These would all make especially nice holiday gifts.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lisa Garber "Origami Owl Earrings" 12-8-12

"Origami Owl Earrings"
Lisa Garber
Paper and Sterling Silver

          Lisa Garber just keeps coming up with new designs.  These origami owls with sterling silver twisted wire perches and branches are the newest -- and certainly one of the cutest.  We have these purple owls, a purple owl with gold earwires and a sand colored pair.  Each has it's own personality and level of decoration.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Goathouse Cat Refuge Calendar 12-7-12

Cats of the Goathouse
2013 Calendar

          If you've been waiting, they are finally here!  The Goathouse Cat Refuge 2013 Calendar features a different sweet cat on each page!  This is a fundraiser for them, such a worthy cause.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jospeh Sand - "Tea Pot" 12-6-12

Joseph Sand
Ceramic, Two Pieces, 9" x 7"
      Potter Joseph Sand must know something about intimacy -- a teapot just for two to have their tea, just invites sweet, deep and poignant conversation.  Let's go to the kitchen now and enjoy a cup of Darjeeling or Mint tea.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beth Bale - Joyful Iris 12-5-12

Joyful Iris
Beth Bale
Watercolor on Paper, 16 x 20” framed

Joyful Iris is watercolor on cold-pressed paper.  I grew the flower in my own garden and had decided that I wanted to paint a white flower, a color I have not painted before.  I really like how many colors are reflected on the surface of anything white, and this is no exception.  I do a floral painting at least once a year or so and sometimes they are a little photorealistic.  I wanted this one to be looser and with a free play of color, letting some of the colors mingle as watercolor is so good at doing.  I mostly like the results, although as usual, I am critical of parts of it.  I do like the areas I painted wet-into-wet and got that "just right" mingling of colors for the reflected areas on the petals.                                                ~ Beth Bale

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Janine Maves - Flame Scarf 12-4-12

“Silk Scarf Oooh Fire”
Janine Maves
Hand Painted Silk 14 x 68”
The rich, random color on this silk scarf was achieved by layer dyeing--laying the fabric in a shallow dish, and spooning the dyes on.  I loved the bright red, and stencilled color remover to get the basic shapes of the flames and bee.  I then added gold gutta to outline details.   Oooh, FIRE!             ~  Janine Maves

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