Monday, September 16, 2013

On a Monday

Whew! What to say??? What a weekend!!! I know we'll have lots of pictures but for now, we just have a lot of very smiling artists and patrons. What a cool event Mariah put together. She worked very hard on many details, and there were many stellar volunteers who stepped up and offered a variety of services.

How about that Brenda Linton and the outrageously successful Songwriter's Contest! Congratulations, Sheila! Bravas to Steve Clarke and the Sophia Project! Did you see the interesting demonstrations of some of the artists on Sunday? How tasty were the treats of Carrie's O's Catering Service all weekend. Many people contributed food,others were greeters, the usual suspects spent many hours working the cash register, artists created great sales,patrons were at their best, and oh ya, there was Sharon Blessum's reading on Saturday :)

It's not my job to name names so I know to quit; Mariah is the only one who knows the whole world behind the scenes. But I am just gonna say, THANK YOU, Mariah Wheeler, for offering this Jewel of a Place!

On a Monday,

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