Monday, February 3, 2014

On a Monday

  Don't tell Shuga but I came with Mom today because I wanted to see why Mom keeps talking about the amazing new look at the Gallery. She says the makeover since Christmas is beautiful and never has the Joyful Jewel looked so fine. Well, Shuga says it always looks fine! Many people have conspired and perspired to design, declutter, decorate areas in new ways.

We went for a tour, taking pictures, and next week we will share them so you can tour with us. For today, just see that I am doing my job guarding the beautiful new addition to the pottery area where so many people pause to enjoy the talent of our artists.

I guess I'll ask Mom to include a picture of me since my photogenic sister, Shuga, is always smiling up at you. I'm reaching adolescence so am scheming new ways to be an imp every day.

Back to our art. Yesterday I came to Sarah Froeber's reading of her new book. Lots of people came. I was the only dog. Today, while Mom does her work, I'm reading Sarah's poetry about her walk on the Camino Way. We are really lucky to have her work here. Come see it sometime. We will be showing you more books in the weeks to come.

Bye for now,
Sengi and Sharon

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