Monday, February 10, 2014

On a Monday 2-10-14

I'm back where I belong! I didn't know my brother had come in my place last Monday until I read the blog. I just don't approve. He and I are always scheming to be sure we come first with Mom. I'm sure you understand.

Today we made a video for you. It's still loading, so hope we can share it next week! It begins right at the front window where a veil of crystal and color welcome everyone to the Jewel. Anyone can just feel they are walking into a place of magic!

For now, it's rainy and dreary, so I'm going to curl up with one poetry book. Everybody knows and loves Ruth Moose so I'll start with her.

Hope Mom buys more so we have them for tomorrow's snow day.

On a Monday,
Shuga and Sharon

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