Thursday, March 27, 2014

Julie Purcell "Moulkaite Jasper Prayer Beads" at the Joyful Jewel 3-27-14

"Moulkaite Jasper Prayer Beads"
Julie Purcell
Mixed Jaspers with fiber tassel,
101 Beads, ~ 40" plus Tassel

Julie Purcell has made this Tasbih in a traditional manner: 9 sections of 11 beads = 99.  When praying with them, if you count the spacers at 33 you have 101.  If using as a Buddhist mala, you count all 8 spacers and the bead next to the tassel for 108. This prayer bead necklace is substantial with relatively large ( probably 10 mm) smoothly round beads in several types of Jasper.  The spacer beads are also Jasper but they are smaller and oval.  There are two 1 1 /2 inch Jasper pieces in the necklace too.  The large center bead of Moulkaite Jasper is exceptionally beautiful and faceted in an octagonal shape.  Beads of this size are easiest to handle and you can really feel the weight of each bead in your hands.  When wearing these malas as a necklace, the weight and length makes the tassel swing joyfully.

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