Thursday, April 3, 2014

Anora McGaha "The Blessing" at the Joyful Jewel 4-2-14

"The Blessing"
Anora Sutherland [McGaha)]
Book, 19 pages
$9.99, the less colorful version

I just finished reading this book by Anora McGaha and felt compelled to feature it today.  This  is a fairy tale about healing and grief, written to give real attention and compassion to a feeling that often gets brushed aside.  In the book, a child who has been overcome with grief is listened to and helped with sweetness and power to move back in to her life.  The emotion's cause and circumstances are not exactly defined, but the feeling is, and in a way that deepens the experience for the reader.  Would be a great book for any age person who has lost a pet, who has moved away from good friends, or in any situation where deep understanding and a kind of magic are necessary for a person to move on.

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