Friday, April 4, 2014

Beth Shaffer "Teapot Bird House" at the Joyful Jewel

"Teapot Bird House"
Beth Shaffer
Utensils including Teapot, Dessert Molds, Strainer, Spoon with Bird
~ 6" x 6", $45

Two writers were inspired by Beth Shaffer's teapot windchime, and they wrote funny heart-warming poems for Vision & Voice.  No one picked this teapot bird house and she is sticking her tongue out in protest!  Actually the spoon tongue is a perch inviting certain types of birds to enter and build their house inside.  This type of entrance works for most songbirds but not for a woodpecker or nuthatch.  The dessert molds on top can catch a bit of water for the bird parents, and the straining roof allows for aeration inside the nest.  Beth has added a feathered beauty so there is absolutely no doubt who is invited inside!  This is the height of bird nesting season, so time to get this house outside.

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