Sunday, April 6, 2014

Terry Perkinson "Steve Stingray" at the Joyful Jewel 4-6-14

"Steve Stingray" and Friends
Terry Perkinson
Merino Wool Sweater with Felt Scraps
~ 11" x 9"

Meet "Steve Stingray", one of the animals made by Terry Perkinson.  He isn't really very scary with a big smile and merry blue eyes.  Terry makes her animals out of recycled sweaters, not just any, but sweaters of extra softness and pile, and other recycled materials and quilting pieces.  Eyes and other adornments are very securely sewn on so they can't be chewed or "worried" off, and the stuffing is just as soft as the sweater material inviting deep hugs.  Steve has long "wings" and "tail" making him easy for the tiniest of hands to hold and giggle with.

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