Sunday, May 18, 2014

Terri Lange "Primitive Art" at the Joyful Jewel 5-18-14

"Primitive Art"
Terri Lange
Acrylic on Water Color Paper, 12" x 12", Original

I see Terri Lange's wide open wild imagination thundering through wide open wild-moving scenery.  I thought of this painting being placed in a child's room, one who loves monsters and enjoys being scared, but who may also be visited by an unwelcome monster at night, one who takes over in a horrible way. Imagine that monster leaving the room to take up residence inside this painting. Perhaps adults like me also need a place to put their scary monster, a place where it can dwell with it's own kind rather than haunting us. Actually, I think that this red guy with the mismatched eyes and pointy teeth would make good company in my bedroom. He's really kind of cute and he certainly can handle any unwanted monster I send to him.

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