Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kim Hawks "Too Much Fun - Paul Rosenberg" photograph at the Joyful Jewel

"Too Much Fun" band with Paul Rosenberg
Kim Hawks
Photograph, 5" x 7" framed to 13"x 16"

Kim Hawks says this photo was taken at the Kraken Holiday Party.  You can catch this group, Too Much Fun,  this evening at Southern Village and perhaps Kim too, camera in hand!  Kim has taken a slew of great action shots at various local band performances.  I think a special showing of more of them are still at Vespertine in Carrboro.  We know Paul Rosenberg too as he has also played at the Joyful Jewel along with Joe Woodson.  We have two of Paul's solo cds for sale, as well as the ones of Joe that he plays on.  One of his cds, Waterlilies : Full Bloom," is of children's songs recorded to entertain and delight his own little ones.

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