Monday, June 23, 2014

On a Monday

On Mondays I look forward to updating our Joyful Jewel website. No small job, with individual pages for each of our 160 artists, continuing special events, etc. I'm currently going back to square one in terms of visiting each and every page to add more current images, and generally improve each post. For a long time all I could do was get each new person included with no editing time available.

So, here's the mystery. How is it so hard to get to it on Mondays? Although it's midsummer, the store nearly always has customers, many for the first time. Lots of wonderful talk about the art, as well as sweet moments with artists and friends of the Jewel who stop in. Some days I'm more of a concierge than a graphic designer.

But the real reason behind all the activity on Mondays is becoming apparent. The clerks at New Horizons bring Shuga treats regularly! Shuga, aka Ms Pittsboro, has a stream of lovers who come in to see her. And those who never met her before, well, they fall in love quickly. Shuga is a true personal assistant to many.

What solved this mystery?  Today someone came in with a whole slice of bacon she'd just crumbled into bits to bring our little diva. I mean, no one brings me my favorite chocolate and vanilla swirl cone. But Ms Shuga, well, but BACON!!!

No end to the pleasures of the Joyful Jewel.
Sharon and Shuga

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