Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some Father's Day Choices at the Joyful Jewel 6-14-14

Father's Day Delights

A Planter Box just the right height, a fancy belt buckle with Jasper, a footed vase, a playful otter, a set of wine bottle stoppers, a family portrait session, a blue elephant, a rocketeer, a small bass -- the one that got away, a UNC bird house, a cosmic chicken business card holder  - just a few suggestions.

Jan Bourterse, Planter Box
Carolyn Levy, Footed Vase
Sharon Blessum, Belt Buckle
Orlan Johnson, Wine Bottle Stoppers

Emma Skurnick, Playful Otter
Gerald Dukes, Family Portraits

Douglas Maccardini, "Rocketeer"
Mary Darley, "The One That Got Away"

Ashley Morra, UNC Bird House
Jerry Fowler, Cosmic Chicken Card Holder
Shannon Bueker, Blue Elephant Sculpture

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