Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sarah Froeber "Pelican and Pelicant" cd stories for children at the Joyful Jewel 8-2-14

"Pelican and Pelicant"
Sarah Froeber
Cd of Recorded Stories for Children

Included in this cd of stories by Sarah Froeber is "Molly Learns to Say Mine", "Pelican and Pelicant," and a few other delights for children of all ages.  Sarah's ability as a actress and her ebullient spirit can really capture and hold the attention of the antsiest child.  They will cheer for the characters and learn lessons for life, such as the one in the Molly book where one learns the benefits and limits of healthy generosity.  Accompanying Sarah is musical accompaniment by jazz musician Andy Thorn.  You are welcome to come hear the cd on the player in the Joyful Jewel's book & cd area.

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