Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jan Dunn "Two-Faced Kitten" Basket at the Joyful Jewel 10-19-14

"Two-Faced Kitten" Basket
Jan Dunn
~ 6" diameter by 4 1/2 " high

Perhaps the title of this basket, "Two-Faced Kitten" refers to the design or to a traditional basket-weaving technique.  I prefer to see it as just the basket for a kitten or two to climb inside and peer out.  The color of the basket is actually softer rich tans and browns than this photo.   Jan wove it with hand-harvested birch bark, basswood, wire, copper and waxed linen. Jan notes that the birch bark was harvested from both dead and live birch trees, was softened by soaking in water, and then dried and cut into strips.  This basket sits on four points at the bottom and is woven with loving perfection.

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