Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jody Jameson "In The Cloud" Necklace 12-20-14

"In the Cloud"
Jody Jameson
Agate With Hand Beaded Bezel, Chain of Brass, Stone Glass & Agate

The swirls in this stunning piece of agate are set securely and precisely with rich creamy and light orchid beads which accent the colors in the again perfectly, that Jody Jameson has expertly woven.  She has attached three beaded loops through which the three strand chain is strung.  As is her usual style, Jody has made the chain asymetrical.  This necklace has two strands of chain on one side, each unique, and one strand on the other side.  The bead woven bezel is just around the outside of the agate so that you can see the light coming through it's design on both sides.  Truly a work of art!

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