Monday, December 8, 2014

On a Monday

It's time to close the store
turn off the lights and lock the door
Shuga and I know what to do
to keep the Jewel safe for you

we make our rounds turn off the lights
pause for a moment before saying goodnight
watch cars with dear people heading home
eager for their familiars after the day's roam

we watch them and hope they see our little tree
to warm their way to peaceful rest like Shuga n' me

Merry Christmas to all the people who make our Mondays at the Joyful Jewel amazingly happy.
Sharon & Shuga

ps  if you wanna know the truth
most afternoons we take a tiny break
watch a soon to be released video
at New Horizon facebook for heaven's sake!!!
(the video of Shuga may go viral!)

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