Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anita Blalock "Viking Knit Bracelet" at the Joyful Jewel 3-28-15

"Viking Knit Bracelet"
Anita Blalock

This intricate design was created with "knitted" wire by Anita Block. I'm not sure of it is a heritage skill for her, but I believe Anita was born in one of the Scandinavian countries and this technique is called "Viking Knit." The gemstones that Anita included are partially enclosed in the wire and sparkle from within the design.  Here is what Anita says about her work:
I mostly use permanently colored copper wire with an ancient technique called viking knit. The vikings used it as a currency. It is very time- consuming to do, but it is magical how a technique can transform a wire into beautiful chains. My chains are unique because of the gems and crystals that I knit into them.

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