Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Drew Becker "I Fell for Thirteen Dreamers" at the Joyful Jewel 3-25-15

"I Fell for Thirteen Dreamers"
by Drew Becker

A poetry book of inspiration written by Drew Becker and illustrated by about 15 artists, there are translations from English to French to Spanish.  I love the intention "This book is dedicated to all lovers who have time to reach back and touch the basic strings, especially Beth."

I assume the book title comes from the first poem:

          I fell for thirteen dreamers,
          Caught in the energy of their visions
          and one another,
          A collection of leaves moving
          upward toward trees,
          A dozen and one lost souls flowing in
          the veins of each other
          lost in the hills
          Surrounded by greens, browns and town folk,
          hearts driving bodies into voices
          tensing to be heard.

Caught in the energy of vision myself, I once wrote a poem that was inspired by these words and the title of the book.  Mine was "I Fell for Ninety-Nine Artists" and was about my adoration for Joyful Jewel artists.  I entered that poem in our very first Vision & Voice event.  Now I need to get busy on my poem for this upcoming event!

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