Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sarah Froeber "Molly Learns to Say Mine" at the Joyful Jewel 5-30-15

"Molly Learns to Say Mine"
Sarah Froeber

With an MA in Child Psychology and over 40 years working with children in theater and workshops, Sarah Froeber has the education and experience to write a book about boundaries for children.  Sweet Molly of "Molly Learns to Say Mine" learns her lesson through the kind of trial and error we all know so well.  The story is enchantingly illustrated by artist Terri Lange.  Here is Sarah's description of the book:

Molly is a perky third grader who intends to be generous in every way. Not understanding the concept of boundaries, she makes a promise to herself to always share her time, her possessions and her space. But things quickly get out of hand; and Molly learns to say "mine" when it is appropriate to do so. Written in charming verse with delightful sketches by the enormously talented Terri Lange, Molly Learns To Say Mine will tickle the funny bone and cause children and adults to re-examine their own boundary issues.

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