Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wendy Wilkins "Summer Aspens' at the Joyful Jewel 6-3-15

"Summer Aspens"
Wendy Wilkins
Alcohol Ink Painting

Quaking Aspens, a favorite of many, get a jaunty Summer presentation in Wendy Wilkin's "Summer Aspens."  Surely the perfect place to frolic in the flowers while enjoying shade of such a vibrantly living, quaking, forest.

I thought of Wendy's paintings this morning reading "The David Suzuki Reader":
   The aspen is kind of superorganism that can exploit a diverse landscape--parts of the organism     
    may grow in moist soil and share the water with other portions perhaps growing in a mineral-rich 
    soil higher up.  In Utah, a single aspen plant made up of 47,000 tree trunks was discovered.  it 
    covered an area of 106 acres and was estimated to weigh almost 13 million pounds.

What an exceptional frolic that would be if it was like Wendy's!

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