Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kate Ladd "Drowning in Words" at the Joyful Jewel 8-5-15

"Drowning in Words"
Kate Ladd
Acrylic and Mixed Media Collage

The first thing I thought about in reading Kate Ladd's title, "Drowning in Word" is that music can take the place of words.  Yet as I looked closely in the collage there are pages from old songbooks as well as from an old dictionary mixed in among, a full-overly full--brain, and pictures of philosophers and so much more.  The drowning may be from too much thinking and I can certainly understand the perils in that.  What a great reminder to slow down, to parse down words and thinking to what one really wants to say or peruse, and even to encourage music to it's jazzy no-word flittings.  From one avid reader and music lover to another, Kate, I see that spacious silence and dreamy nothingness is calling.

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