Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nancy Smith "Migration" at the Joyful Jewel 8-8-15

Nancy L. Smith
Bees Wax Collage

This is a brand new and lovely media for painting Nancy Smith.  The process is interesting and here is what Nancy says about bees wax painting:
Bees Wax Collage is a hot wax art form using pure bees wax as a glue to attach collage elements (most often papers) to a surface. It is different from encaustic art which also uses bees wax though not in its pure form.  With encaustic, bees wax is mixed with resins to form different colors that are then heated and painted on a surface. With bees wax collage, color can be achieved by using different colored papers that are applied in layers along with the heated bees wax. Each layer is burnished and after cooling is buffed to a transparent sheen. Some papers are thin enough that they become almost transparent when the wax is applied so that even with the addition of multiple layers, one can see all the way through to the bottom layer. This is a very durable art form (when kept away from a heat source) with some pieces still in existence dating back to 200 BC.

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