Kathryn Bertok
Anita Blalock


     Drawing from (and drawn by) the same rich-flowing Spirit that has inspired seekers throughout time, I create jewelry to enchant and arouse.  I am fortunate to have a special relationship – soulful and enchanting – with a few “things” in my life, such as a rose quartz necklace and a graceful root from a cedar tree.  I want to make “things” that inspire such relationships with their owners.  I like to use elements from nature and spiritual traditions in my materials and designs, honoring the sanctity, timeless flow, and inner-connectedness of all life.  I see art as an alchemical process of choosing, letting go, mixing, and divine magic – the very magic thatfascinates my making of the dichroic glass pieces, and the fine silver and gemstone components that go into jewelry.

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