Monday, September 15, 2014

On a Monday

          This day was about putting one foot in front of the other on the Beauty Path. Much as I love the long country roads of North Dakota, I also love the path that wends through a day at the Joyful Jewel.

Beauty moments here at the JJ included an order from Albuquerque for a beautiful Jacquelyn Lowry scultpor. It will look so at home in New Mexico! By the way, a recent phone order also came in from upstate New York for as many Laurie Chapman hats as she can make! An exquisite DG Chandler turquoise pendant with copper and bronze went home with a happy woman. Kate Ladd's cards flew off the shelves. And I was just plain envying the owl print of Emma Skurnick's that went home with someone else!!! I also have my eye on a Jennifer Strickland piece and am not telling you which one lest it catch your fancy while I'm deciding! Many more things left the shopped today too.

 I mention all this because Mondays are never quiet like you might imagine they'd be. We get a lot of out of town people, as noted in the above phone orders. These are folks that came in while visiting NC, bought something and now want more of that artist. (Yay for the website!) And today was especially gratifying because it's BEFORE our big annual customer appreciation sale this weekend so I see it as foretelling huge sales at our anniversary celebrations. See you at the Chocolate and Champagne Party Saturday Night.

Sharon & Shuga

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