Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goathouse Refuge "Kitten Calendar" at the Joyful Jewel 1-29-14

"Kittens of the Goathouse"
The Goathouse Cat Refuge

Maybe because I'm home with 3 kitties, including one kitten, today, it was easy to pick this calendar, "Kittens of the Goathouse," as the Daily Jewel blog feature today.  I can imagine playful kittens scampering around lifting feet as high in the air as possible to keep away from the snow today.  Then they are jumping over moguls before racing back inside your warm house.  A cat sleeping soundly beside the fireplace just makes one's breath slow and heartbeat mellow.  We did love our Van Gogh, mellowest and laziest of all cats, that came from the loving care of the Goathouse and we miss him even though we have three new cats.  It's such good work Siglinda Scarpa and the employees and volunteers (such as Marilyn Penrod) do.  Here's a shout out to them, to the kitties looking for their new homes, and to those cat-adopting humans that respond!

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