Monday, March 10, 2014

On a Monday

Shuga and I are enjoying the poetry coming in for Vision and Voice. I'm working on a book to feature each writer and their corresponding work of art, that all will be presented at our annual festival on Sunday, March 23 at 3pm. Here is a sample:

Kathryn Ann Fowler, Poet
Inspired by Kate Ladd’s  Poppies Popping Through the Fence

Been looking at fences all my life
Backyard fences for pets and children
Village fences for fast moving trains
Glass topped fences for safeguarding folks
Barbed wire fences for cagey felons
And all for a practical purpose

But I see here at Joyful Jewel
 Perfect Poppies Popping through the fence
Joyous and happy in the sun
Existing only for my enjoyment
Brilliant orange with purple centers
Held by verdant leaves and chartreuse buds
No people no animals no background

Just totally perfect poppies popping through a fence

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