Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mary Darley "The One That Got Away: Catfish" at the Joyful Jewel 5-17-14

"The One That Got Away: Catfish"
Mary Darley
Acrylic Painting Print on Canvas, 16" x 14"
This post is in honor of my father Newton Wheeler, my sister Carol Wheeler and my niece & nephew Geri Wheeler and Larry Wheeler -- who all love fishing!  Mary Darley entitled this painting "The One That Got Away" but I think she must have had it a while first.  This catfish can sting you, so be careful. It is difficult to skin a catfish but it taste delicious, well worth the effort.  Mary Darley painted this one, capturing the fierce spirit, muscley body and stiff fins beautifully.  In fact, I'll bet Mary is a fisher too.  In order to paint with this many details with honesty, a person would really have to know her subject intimately.  ~ Mariah Wheeler

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