Monday, April 14, 2014

On a Monday

Granny’s Pink Rose Chair     
Al Capehart , Poet
inspired by Terry Lange’s Pull Up a Chair

Plush crushed velvet pink rose ply,
Sea Shell flared deep soft back,
Rich plied velvet on framed wired foam cushion
Seat floating on 12 graduated springs.
Left rear spring has gone slack.

Sitting in the yard behind an almost white washed fence
Drying the left rear corner in the sun after
The brushing, scrubbing, vacuuming of cat hair
Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Febreze treatment.
No more cat, no more cat fur.

Little brother and I could sit one on each side,
Granny would read the Wind in the Willows.
Granny was small, her personality gigantic
Inviting us to sit together in her pink rose chair.

Sometimes in the front room, in her day room
Near the tall reading lamp and stand,
Occasionally, on the screened in porch.
Easy to lean back into with a feeling of being embraced
Comfortable surrounding and pleasant sitting.

In the chair looking over the little grassy knoll
I see the Atlantic Ocean, one of Granny’s favorite views.
Watching the clouds, birds, boats, people, rolling foaming
Waves bring their energy to the pristine sands of Emerald Isle,
Where Granny photographed magnificent over sea sunsets

Standing is the challenge, getting out of the chair,
First feet to the floor, leaning way forward to find balance,
Using the front edges of the seat to guide standing,
The chair has no arms. Once balanced, give a little bounce and
Up to upright. It really takes two to move it.

Granny’s chair is leaving for the Habitat Store,
A new chair will go into Granny’s chair space,
Granny got a custom black deer skin leather
Dream Wave Massage

Lazy Boy.

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